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Dongeng Negeri dalam Bahasa Asing

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The Legend of Sangkuriang

The legend of Bandung begins here…
(According to the story of Sundanese Folk)

From passion, desire, love, and angry of Sangkuriang, The Eruption of Mountain Tangkuban Parahu, until now become a city…

Here is the short story…

There is a kingdom in Priangan Land. Live a happy family, a father in form of dog (his name is Tumang), a mother (her name is Dayang Sumbi), and a child call Sangkuriang. Tumang is demigod possessing magic powers.

One day, Dayang Sumbi asked her son to go hunting in the nearest jungle and she wanted some deer liver or venison. So Sangkuriang went hunting with his lovely dog, Tumang, to please his mother. After hunting all day with empty-handed, Sangkuriang began desperate and worried. Think shortly, Sangkuriang took his arrow and shot his dog. Then he took the dog liver or flesh and carried home.

He gave dog liver or flesh to his mother. Soon Dayang Sumbi fine out that Sangkuriang lied to her. She knew Sangkuriang had killed Tumang. So, She angry and hit Sangkuriang head. Sangkuriang got wounded and scar. Sangkuriang cast away from their home.

Years go bye, Sangkuriang had travel many places and on one day, he arrived at a village which is used to be his home. He met a beautiful woman whom actually his mother and felt in love with her.

Their love grew naturally and one day, when they were discussing their wedding plans, Dayang Sumbi suddenly realised that the profile of Sangkuriang’s head matched that of her only son’s who had left twenty years earlier. How could she marry her own son? But she did not wish to dissapointed him by canceling the wedding. So, although she agreed to marry Sangkuriang, she would do so only on the condition that he provide her with a lake and a boat with which they could sail on the dawn of their wedding day.

Sangkuriang accepted this condition and built a lake by damming the Citarum river. With a dawn just moment away and the boat almost complete, Dayang Sumbi realised that Sangkuriang would fulfill the condition she had set. With a wave of her supernatural shawl, she lit up the eastern horizon with flashes of light. Deceived by false dawn, the cock crowed and farmers rose for the new day.

With his work not yet complete, SangkuriaNg realised that his endeavor were lost. With all his anger, he kicked the boat that he himself had built. The boat fell over and, in so doing become the mountain TANGKUBAN PARAHU (in Sundanese, TANGKUBAN means upturned or upside down, and PARAHU means boat). With the dam torn asunder, the water drained from the lake becoming a wide plain and nowadays became a city called BANDUNG (from the word BENDUNG, which means Dam).

The legend of sangkuriang
skip to main | skip to sidebar Sagkuriang is a legend of the Sundanese people of the island of Java.

Since Malaysia and Indonesia share the Javanese people, as both modern countries were born out of the collapsed and colonised Johor Empire, Sangkuriang is as much a Malaysian folk tale as it is an Indonesian one.

The Sundanese, and all Javanese, are descended from the Melanaus of Sarawak as well as the indigenous Temuans of Peninsular Malaysia.

The legend tells about the creation of Lake Bandung, Mount Tangkuban Parahu, Mount Burangrang and Mount Tunggul in modern-day West Java, the Sunda heartland.

The story of Sangkuriang was first written in the 15th century by Prince Jaya Pakuan of Sunda.

His writings can now be found in the Bodleian Library in Oxford, Britain.

Sangkuriang was a brave and strong man who had been separated from his mother, the Sundanese princess Dayang Sumbi, since childhood.

He travelled around the world and when he returned home, he fell in love with a beautiful princess whom he did not realise was his own mother.

A day before the duo were engaged, Sangkuriang fell ill and collapsed in his fiancee’s lap.

As she cupped and massaged his head and face, she discovered a large scar beneath his hair, and realised that the handsome warrior was her own son.

Twenty years ago, she had hit him hard on the head, and caused him to leave home and travel around the world.

Sumbi told Sangkuriang who she really was.

Years ago, the King of Sunda splashed holy water from a river on a wild boar named Wayungyang, who wanted to become a human being.

Wayungyang transformed into a princess and the ruler married her. They had a daughter, Sumbi, who was blessed with superpowers and eternal youth.

As soon as Sumbi was born, Wayungyang reverted to boar form and was never heard of again.

When she reached her teens, Sumbi abandoned palace life and possible marriage because “all of the Sundanese men lusted for her”.

Accompanied by her magical pet dog Tumang, Sumbi went to live in a mountainous region of her kingdom.

One day, Sumbi lost her hair pin and told Tumang to look for it.

The dog wanted to become a human being and marry the princess, and thus it drank some holy water from a river. His wish soon came true.

Sumbi became pregnant with a son, and as soon as this happened, Tumang reverted to dog form.

Sumbi’s son Sangkuriang grew up to be a handsome warrior with superhuman strength.

One day, he hit his pet Tumang for chasing after a wild boar, which he believed was his grandmother. The dog died, and Sangkuriang slaughtered it for meat.

As they were about to have dinner, Sumbi realised that Sangkuriang had killed their pet dog, and in anger, struck him on the head.

After hearing the story, Sangkuriang remained unconvinced that Sumbi was really his mother, and insisted on marrying the beauty.

She thus set an impossible condition for him to marry her – build a gigantic lake by filling a massive valley with water, as well as a huge ship, all in one night.

However, the Herculean Sangkuriang almost made it, with the help of his friends, the fairies.

Sumbi was horrified. She lit up the eastern horizon with her magical shawl and created a false dawn.

Sangkuriang, who had finished his work shortly after “dawn”, realised that “dawn had come too early” and that he had “failed”.

In his anger, he overturned the ship and it became Mount Tangkuban Parahu [the overturned ship].

Two piles of wood used as raw material for the ship became Mount Burangrang [heap] and Mount Tunggul [stump].

The lake became Lake Bandung.

Sangkuriang jumped into the lake, but his mother pulled him out with her magical shawl. She cast a spell on him, to restore his memory of who he really was, and carried him in her arms to the heavens atop Mount Puteri [princess].

Sangkuriang was made into an Indonesian film in 1982 starring the late Suzanna Van Osch and Clift Sangra.

The Maling Kundang Story Tales

Once upon a time there is a boy called Maling kundang who lived in a small village in West Sumatra.
He lived with his mother, Nyi Ronggeng. They were very, very poor. After Maling Kundang became an adult, he decided to earn money in the big city. He was bored with his life and try to searched for a better life.And he went to sailed away and left his mother alone in their village.
Years goes years come he became rich with his trading works, he has married a girls whose named Nyi Roro Kidul, and they lifes in their imperium.
In between he became more greedy and under his unconsciousness he became arrogant and have thinks everything could be bought.But alas he also forgot his mother who still waited for his return homes.

One day, Maling Kundang and his wife went to Malin Kundang’s village by sailing ship. That day, Nyi Ronggeng heard that there were a man and his wife who were very rich coming. Nyi Ronggeng felt that the man was her son who had gone many tears ago.
Nyi Ronggeng ran to their sailing-ship. When she saw that man, she recognized her son. She shouted and called her son. “Maling Kundang …Maling Kundang dear son.”
But Maling Kundang was too ashamed to acknowledge that the woman who was shouting was his mother. Maling Kundang’s mother was very surprised that her son didn’t want to acknowledge her.She became very angry. She put a spell on Maling Kundang to be a stone.
And Maling Kundang really became a stone.


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